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The Legacy We Leave… May 22, 2011

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I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately. Not in the morbid, woe is me type of way. But about the legacy you leave on earth after you’re gone. I try to live my life as a good person. To make others’  lives better and in turn my own. But I lay awake at night sometimes thinking about how I would be thought of if I died today. Would my funeral have 100’s or just a few? Would the people be truly heartbroken or just there for support and out of obligation? I’m not sure and I guess I’ll never know. But what sparked this thought was that years ago, I had a discussion with my father. He told me that everyone dies alone. It’s inevitable. But I didn’t believe that. In the truest sense, I suppose you do. But if you are a good person that people cared about, you don’t die alone. You die with others either by your side, or in their thoughts. When my Grandma passed away, she was surrounded by most of her family. We cried and held her hand. The room she died in, was filled with love. She was an amazing woman, and we loved her. And as she took her last breath she knew that she was loved dearly.

My friend Noah’s father passed away last year. It was a shock to me and to many others. I remember Noah calling me and telling me about the terrible news. He was obviously grieving but seemed to have a sense of peace about him. I immediately remembered all the times he’d mention his Dad. The funny stories, the obvious admiration he held for him, etc. I was impressed by him greatly and I only briefly met him. This Spring, he decided to run a half marathon on behalf of his father’s legacy in support of the a charity that supports relief for the disease that killed his Dad. The charity is called Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. As I watched the donations pour in I looked at the comments section. (the site is http://www.active.com/donate/napa11wisconsin/13forcy ) What I saw was an overwhelming love for this man. He was truly loved and is missed. I began to wonder what people would write if I was the subject of that wall.

It is this that makes me realize how precious the good people in this world are. The ones that care about you, love you and change your life. Cy Rosenthal was that man to many. And I too hope to have the impact on others that he did. It gets difficult, life gets in the way sometimes. But realize that grand gestures and memorable gifts are not what these people remember. They remember the little things. The phone call answered at 3am to talk, the show of support in a tough time, a quick smile or a simple hug. Taking the extra effort to make others happier is all it takes. And when we leave this earth, we will be remembered with love.

if you’d like to donate to Noah’s amazing cause please go to http://www.13forcy.com Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated.



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