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Chantix… Day one July 3, 2011

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To be honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll update on my chantix experience. This blog is not really meant for me to write about me. But today I started Chantix, and thus my journey to quit smoking. I’m extremely nervous about it. I hate smoking and have for about a year now. But I feared that “crawling out of my skin” feeling. I tried to quit twice before and both times I was fine for a little while but caved in when I felt like I was going insane. So I went to the doctor and asked for chantix. For those that don’t know, chantix is a smoking cessation drug that blocks the pleasure receptors in your brain from nicotine. Over time, smoking feels like nothing and you don’t want to smoke anymore. I’m on day one and I feel very little difference, at one point today I found it easier to not go out and smoke. But that might just be psychosomatic. I very much want to stop smoking and I’m on my way. I’ll try and check back in at my quit day one week from today.

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